Through the Trees

(five years on film)

“Through the Trees” tells the story of five years of ongoing escapes to nature shared between myself and my closest people. Its images were shot on film using cameras that are often old and broken. The film is developed and returned to for digital editing many months later. This process creates a distance from the images and their occurrence, lending them the ability to exist as the encapsulation of a memory or possibly a dream. In this time of immediate gratification, this process is radically different from the way most photographic images are developed. Using old and broken cameras further pushes the evocation of memories or dreams. Our memories are often inaccurate, fractured, blurred, spotty, fogged, oddly cropped, disordered, and otherwise clouded by other memories or dreams; yet they can still be filled with such beauty. The dream-like moments of captured time presented here give new life to the old advice from Timothy Leary; they express the joy filled decision to turn off one’s phone, to drop out of the constant anxiety-inducing news feed, to tune out the overabundance of information, and to instead tune into the natural world and sharing experiences with each other. In these escapes that we have shared we have found the release of laughter, the comfort of healing, and a deeper understanding of ourselves, our relationships, and the world around us. We return to our various realities with a new perspective that we carry with us, fading like a memory, until the next escape from reality.