In the five months since my last post, I have started coursework for my MLIS, gained employment as the head librarian at a local rural small town library in Conneautville, PA, lost 10 years of digital files because I neglected to back up my external hard drive, turned into a puddle of sweat on shakedown street, went into a cavern for the first time, and watched all of Veronica Mars. I’ve also started making weekly playlists to help take the edge off by doing something simple, creative, and unrelated to everything else that I’m busy doing. Call it a hobby, escapism, entertainment, whatever. I’m aiming for 1 hour of tunes with each. Right now they’re just Spotify playlists for the ease of it, but I hope to get to a place where I can record them and post them on Mixcloud or another similar site. I’m trying to get the hang of ordering songs again after years of throwing three hours worth of songs onto a playlist and smashing that random toggle. Some weeks may have more of an obvious theme than others. I’ll be plucking pieces from all realms of aural interest, and posting weekly on Wednesdays. Dig in, let me know what you think.

Lauren Lowery