Lost Lowery Images

dad and dog orig low res.jpg
dad and dog lowres.jpg

Last summer I moved into my grandparent’s trailer three years after my grandmother’s death. There were still quite a few things remaining from the life she had led there, including a hidden tupperware container of damaged family photographs. I’m working on digitally restoring the lot of them. Shown here is the first draft of editing on this image of my father holding a dog named Superman. It’s my first time seriously working on restoring old damaged photographs. I will say that it’s a bit more involved but isn’t far off from the editing that I do with my own work. It’s a challenge, but one that I look forward to for the sake of learning and skill development.

Restoring these photographs does have a strange foreigness to it. There is an unfamiliarity to these photographs for me. I had never seen them before ousting them from their hiding place. They are a slice of an unknown history of my tight-knit family, or maybe just a misplaced and forgotten one. With a little elbow grease, these damaged memories can be repaired and brought back to life, saved from the endless decay of time. No longer lost or forgotten.

Lauren Lowery